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Choose the Pearland Newsletter Magazine(s) that you want to Advertise.


Shadow Creek Ranch

  • Village of Emerald Bay
  • Village of Reflection Bay
  • Village of Diamond Bay
  • Village of Biscayne Bay
  • Commerical Association

Lakes of Savannah South

Lakes of Savannah North

Country Place

Quail Valley Fund Inc.

21 Additional Properties to be added 4th Quarter 



Decide what size Advertisement you want to place.


Business Card                             Banner Ad

1/4 page                                     1/2 page V/H

2/3 page V/H                             Full page    

Back cover                                  Centerfold



Decide the Print Frequency Contract of your Advertisment for Discount Pricing


Monthly 12x                                    Bi monthly 6x

Bi monthly 6x                                  Quarterly 4x

Annually 1x                                     Custom multi pak



Ad deadline is the 13th of the month prior to publication. Submit your Ads electronically or via mail with completed Advertiser agreement. Upon receipt of Ad you will receive an invoice confirming your order. Payment must accompany the Ad before it will be released to the graphic artist. If placing a multi month Ad, the first quarter will be billed in advance. We accept Checks, VISA, Mastercard or American Express. Confirmation will be sent acknowleding payment and confirmation of Ad.




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